• "Glimpses of God... In You and Me" by Kathleen Osbelt


    "You reflect God’s infinite faces of goodness when you act out of your true loving nature. The stories in this volume give us glimpses of how that wonderful mystery of God welling in us pops out into clear sight, most just happen to take place in a home where people are dying —Francis House. It is a place where the truth of God’s existence can be a little louder than in other places. Francis House is a home and extended family for those who are terminally ill. It is a loving environment in which people can live their last days in dignity surrounded by the unconditional love of God. In that eleventh-hour light, truth sits on the bed of each dying person, available for all of us to take notice. The reflections in this book are offered to open your mind, whet your spiritual appetite, and give you a desire for the “more,” the more of who you really are beneath the crust of your being, and the goodness that lies within. One thing is for sure, the most important part of this book comes after you read each chapter, the part not written. It is what happens in the time and space you give to just sitting with God. If you’re a risk taker, and if you desire God, be faithful and allow time for God to break into your story. Be generous enough to give yourself a routine of daily quiet time spent just sitting with the Spirit of God—your Spirit!"