• Prayers Box


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    Prayers box includes: An inspirational mug, a praying for you tree token, a heart shaped soap, an inspirational token, tea with tea infuser, a pray always pennant, a pray more worry less trinket plate and a
    floral rosary.
    The inspiration of Saint Marianne leads us to appreciate every day and every person. These gift boxes reflect her consideration of other’s challenges and efforts toward lifting spirits, during every moment. Each box is customized to the wish you would like to send. When we can’t be there physically for someone we care for, we can send a box of Joy or Blesssings or Prayers.

    Message inside:
    " I am sending prayers
    Through healing tea served warm
    And wrapped in a gragrant heart of soap
    Prayers spoken on floral beads
    and inspiration found in a pocket stone
    Through connection made in a tree of life
    I am sending prayers in yellow, in appreciation of the sun adding light to the days ahead. Prayers for hope and prayers for healing and prayers for the relationships that bring joy and meaning to our lives."