Saint Marianne Cope Vacation Bible School Package


This package is a wonderful way to introduce your children to the virtuous life of Mother Marianne.


Student Package:

Mother Marianne Coloring book - A wonderfully illustrated coloring book to introduce your children to the inspiring life of Mother Marianne.

Saint Marianne of Molokai' Heroic Women of Hawai'i Children's Book - This wonderfully illustrated children's book is perfect to teach your Pre-K to 6th grade student the virtuous life of Mother Marianne.

Children's Virtues Prayer Card - Choose a card from one of four virtues: Spirituality, Respect, Courageous, or Compassion. Each card has a thought provoking question on virtue that can be used to stimulate a conversation on how they can be used by your student to see the virtues in themselves and in others.

Teacher Pack:

A short 6 page biography of Saint Marianne Cope that describes her journey to sainthood. this is an excellent source of information to help develop your class lesson.

Virtues DVD - contains a brief slide show describing eight virtues ( respectful, diplomatic, courageous, grace-filled, visionary, compassionate, cheerful, and spiritual) that can be attributed to Saint Marianne Cope throughout her life. Each DVD comes with teaching content that can be used along with the slide show.

Each additional Student Package less than 10 - $10.00 each

Each additional Student Package greater than 10 - $8.00 each

For more information or to order multiple packages please contact Mandy at or call 315.883.5513