• Artists’ Images of Saint Marianne Cope Note Cards (set of 10 blank/w envelope)


    Spread the joy of Saint Marianne Cope with your friends and relatives with these beautifully illustrated note cards. 
    Each set contains 10 blank note cards and envelopes featuring images of Saint Marianne created by artists from around the U.S. who have been inspired by her life and legacy. 

    Each set includes 2 each of: 
    1.  Celebrating the Life of St. Marianne (color montage with N.Y. hospitals).
    2. “Blessed Marianne Cope” mosaic at the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception in Syracuse, N.Y. by Artist: Brian Baker.
    3.  James Erickson Studios (stained glass of Saints Damien and Marianne). 
    4.  Block print of Saint Marianne Cope by Dietrich Varez, 2009.
    5.  The Charity of Christ Impels Us by Artist: Rik Fitch.