• *Hardcover* Filling the Manger: A Christmas Tradition of Spreading Kindness Hardcover


    Hardcover. By Jennifer Catney
    Begin a family tradition that celebrates the true spirit of Christmas!

    Filling the Manger is based on a centuries- old tradition of performing acts of kindness throughout the month of December in order to earn pieces of straw. Each straw is then placed in an empty manger to build a soft bed for the coming of baby Jesus. 
    Jennifer Catney's rhyming picture book is full of simple and practical ways children can spread kindness in their homs and communities as they prepare for Christmas. Readers young and old will love the beautiful and heartfelt illustrations of families spreading kindness with their words and actions during the Christmas season and beyond.
    The delightful story shares the author's memory of learning the Filling the Manger tradition from her mother...
    "This empty manger will help to remind us, that the greates of gifts is the gift of God's kindness."
    This holiday season have some fun with your family while making the world a better place!
    Join the tradition of Filling the Manger.