"Letters from the Land of Long Farewells" by Sister Wilma Halmasy, OSF

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This is a charming and inspirational compilation of the history of the Sisters of St. Francis' presence on the island of Molakai, Hawaii.The story is told through the letters and oral history of Sister Wilima Halmasy, OSF (1921 - 2006) who was there in the mid 1940s as a nurse and then the supervisor of the Dept. of Health at Kalaupapa Hospital. Through her letters Sister Wilma tells the story of how the Sisters handled distressful and sometimes amusing situations. This true story, with beautiful color and black and white photos, reveals the daily life for the sisters and residents at Kalaupapa during her time. You will come to understand the deep love that the Sisters, from Mother Marianne to the present, have for the people of Kalaupapa. This is a must read for everyone who has an interest in Mother Marianne and the legacy she left in Hawaii.