• Saint Marianne Cope Statue


    Statue depicts Franciscan Sister and Saint Marianne standing on the shores of Molokai, Hawaii where she served patients with Hansens disease (leprosy) for 35 years, from 1883 until her death in 1918.

    Marianne carries a book emblazoned with the Tau cross symbol as a tribute to St. Francis and her Franciscan devotion. With her left arm she holds a bundle of plumeria flowers, said to be her favorite in Hawaii.
    Saint Marianne is known for her leadership and nursing skills along with being an innovator in hospital hygiene and patients’ rights.
    The Sisters of St. Francis of the Neumann Communities have given the staff at the Saint Marianne Cope Shrine & Museum Gift Shop the privilege of continuing Saint Marianne's legacy by spreading the word about her extraordinary life. Much of our unique merchandise was created by those Sisters who felt compelled to share the story of one of their own, Saint Marianne Cope.
    With our merchandise we have attempted to convey a dignified, accurate and inspiring message about Mother Marianne.
    We are pleased to offer the official sculpture as created and approved by our Sisters of St. Francis community.
    Resin. 8" Height, 4" Length, 3" Depth