The Misfit Miracle Girl: Candid Reflections


Kate D. Mahoney is a miracle and she wants you to know you are too, even if that’s not what you’d call it. The Misfit Miracle Girl: Candid Reflections is an inspirational, humorous and inviting collection of essays. Join Kate on a journey of discovery, transformation, and calamity.

Diagnosed with stage four germ cell ovarian cancer while on summer vacation, Kate’ s world changed overnight. Then there was her recovery from multi-system organ failure that doctors said could not explain medically. Kate’s story, as the title suggests, is a collection of candid reflections from her life before, during, and after a Vatican approved miracle. Kate shares, “I woke up from a coma to this declaration that I was a miracle. In everyone else’s eyes I was instantly the face of something bigger than myself and my immediate, human set of circumstances, like walking, talking or feeding myself were seemingly overlooked because I was labeled miracle girl."

In the inspirational memoir, “The Misfit Miracle Girl: Candid Reflections” join Kate on the tumultuous, hilarious journey of personal transformation as she humanizes her experiences as patient, caregiver, and life as an often misplaced, misunderstood misfit miracle girl.
Kate wants you to know that what you think, what you feel and who you are matters. You always have a voice.

Reviews/Advance Praise
“You will never find a real life story as special and as rich as Kate D. Mahoney’s. She writes with a fierce passion and a rare combination of spiritual seriousness and holy irreverence, a combination that I consider essential. Kate will get your heart pumping and won’t let you take sides easily.” - Thomas Moore, Bestselling author of Care of the Soul

“Sharing hilarious anecdotes and wisdom acquired along the way, Kate tells her story with humility and grace in The Misfit Miracle Girl: Candid Reflections as she does the seemingly impossible task of taking an unimaginable event…and making it completely relatable. You’ll be awed by her strength and, at the same time, you’ll want to be her best friend.” - Cara McDonough, Huffington Post Contributor, mom

"Through Kate's accounts of doubt and devotion we are reminded of the humanity and divinity in all of us. An inspiring, courageous memoir about owning the past, honoring the present and looking to the future." - Father Richard Rohr, Author, spiritual world leader and founder of the Center for Action and Contemplation

“Kate’s raw, beautiful truth is one of a life that has been made richer through the mess of pain and faith and struggle and miracles. It will touch you deeply.” - Mary Ellen Clausen, Founding Director, Ophelia’s Place

“In The Misfit Miracle Girl: Candid Reflections, Kate writes of the long journey toward understanding such a profound childhood moment. With each page, Kate projects the same qualities those who know her always find in her presence: Her words evoke a joyous and loving intensity, a searching wonder and humility, about her story and communion with the larger world." - Sean Kirst, Author, storyteller and Upstate NY longtime columnist

“Whenever she writes or speaks, she lays it all out on the table -- her love, her joy, her pain. She doesn't beat around the bush, and there's something to be said for that. Kate will always tell you the truth. And she tells it with a side of laughter, a glimmer of hope. She reminds us that we're human. She reminds us that we all make mistakes -- and that that's okay. She reminds us to find joy in difficult moments.”- Alyssa LaFaro, Writer and editor, Chapel Hill, NC

“Be taken on an adventure through the humor, joy, and inspiration that surround the life of Kate D. Mahoney. As one of the world’s few officially documented “living breathing miracles”, this is an incredible story of personal transformation. A read that transcends all age groups.” - Divine Phoenix Books