We are honored to be the source of Saint Marianne Cope’s archives, museum and gift shop created by her community, the Sisters of St. Francis of the Neumann Communities. 

Marianne’s story continues to be relevant today in her care for the sick and suffering; providing compassion and hope. Her innovations in hygiene and hospital care, patient’s rights and whole mind, body, spirit healing offer us a foundation for service in our community. The beauty and dignity that she incorporated into the lives of the patients in the hospitals where she administered and cared for the thousands suffering from leprosy (Hansen’s disease) in Hawaii reflect the faith and courage of her Franciscan values.

To share her story and carry on her legacy, we source and create merchandise to convey a dignified, accurate and inspiring message about our Saint Marianne.

We invite you to browse through our books, prints, cards, artwork, jewelry and more and hope that you are also inspired by her life of service. 

All profits from the sale of merchandise displayed in this catalog benefit the Saint Marianne Cope Shrine & Museum and its vision to educate and inspire people to incorporate empathy and compassion for all. Our merchandise is developed for you to take into your community and spread these values to promote kindness, peace and unity.